New Orleans

Services for the General Public

New Orleans Community Outreach strives to reach as many members of our community as possible.  This
has included giving 40 families vouchers so they can purchase groceries, healthcare and other services at the Healing Center.

We are currently conducting a free family reading
program.  Families are encouraged to join us for a healthy meal, professional storytelling and free books for all children.  Siblings under five receive free childcare. 

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  • Mental health therapy:  We are providing regular therapy sessions with the experienced professionals at the Healing Center. 
  • Gym access: We recognize the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle and provide these youth with free memberships at Downtown Fitness Center. We thank Downtown Fitness Center for their generosity. 
Many young people in our community face difficult home situations, which can lead to homelessness.  NOCO provides these youth with critical services to transform their lives and strengthen our community.  Through our partnership with Covenant House, an organization that houses homeless youth, we provide a number of services to these young people: 
  • Financial literacy training: We provide workshops and one-on-one counseling to help them learn the basics of budgeting, saving and borrowing.  We also help improve their credit, reduce debt and avoid predatory lending. 

Working with Homeless Youth 

  • Health services: NOCO provides access to physical health therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, masseuses and more. 
  • Life skills: NOCO offers courses that help deal with the challenges of everyday life.  For example, we just held classes that teach basic cooking and nutrition skills.
  • Gym access: Free memberships to Downtown Fitness Center.
  • Job training: Through dedicated volunteers NOCO has helped women identify jobs they want to pursue, create resumes, work on interview techniques and hone on-the-job skills.

serving survivors of human trafficking 

New Orleans Community Outreach is committed to serving the most vulnerable members of our community.  Survivors of human trafficking have faced harrowing situations but also show deep strength and maturity.  Through our partnership with Eden House, an organization that houses women who have been commercially and sexually exploited, we provide a number of services to this population:

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